FutureFive NZ - Hands on review: Logitech Protection [+] Phone case for Samsung Galaxy S5

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Hands on review: Logitech Protection [+] Phone case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Phone cases may a dime a dozen but as the saying goes, there are cases and then there are cases. Two cases in point (pun intentional) are Logitechs Protection [+] for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Bookbook+ for the iPhone 6+

Look and feel

Available in Black on black, White on Blue or Blue on White and Watermelon Pink, the Protection [+] case manages to pull off that all to rare feat of being unobtrusive while also providing protection to that smartphone you’ve coughed up a considerable pile of cash for.

Where a lot of other phone cases tend to make smartphones look like they’re either a) wearing a condom or b) standing in as an overweight SpongeBob square pants stunt double, the Protection [+] case avoids this and hints at the original design of the Galaxy S5. A metallic back and light accent colours help things along, lending an extra bit of design flare to proceedings. In short, the Protection [+] case is an unobtrusive and good looking piece of gear.


This is where the clever but oh so subtle stuff happens and is where the so-so cases are separated from the sublime. Logitech’s case thankfully Sit squarely in the second category thanks to some clever design tweaks.

As with any other phone case, a tough plastic/silicon outer shell helps protect your smartphone pride and joy from Bumps and scratches. If that were all the magic it’d be fine, but Logitech being Logitech had added a few extra clever tweaks of their own.

The phone case has shock absorbent corners that are packed with a rubbery substance to absorb any impacts resulting from the phone landing on its corner (which can otherwise result in cracked screens  on unprotected phones).

Logitech have also added impact channels, which according to their blurb “absorbing “bad energy” from drops and bonks,” [Oeer!] will protect your phone. You could say, its ribbed for your phones enjoyment.

Last (but by no means least) Logitech have also added a Raised bezel edge to their case design. This means that contact between your phone’s most fragile part (its glass screen surface) and hard surfaces resulting a tragic mishap are thankfully minimised.

So just how shock absorbent did the Protection [+] make my S5? I was understandably reluctant to put this to the test by drop testing my phone, but according to Logitech, The Protection [+] exceeds military drop standard (MIL STD 810 G).  In non geek-speak this means that the Protection [+] is Tested to withstand drops from 1.8 and 1.22m height.

The 1.8 meter figure is no accident either. This height was chosen by Logitech as an estimated average maximum height from which a smartphone can be accidentally dropped by a person using it while making calls, texting, browsing or taking photos.

Bells and whistles

Hidden away in the rear of the case is an alloy plate that allows an S5 in the Protection [+] case to work with an in car magnetic mount (sold separately) that handily clips onto a vent. It’s a particularly clever idea, especially if your phone does double-duty as an in-car GPS.

As you’d expect with Logitech on the case (sorry couldn’t resist), its built in buttons aligned perfectly with their on phone counterparts. Similarly, the cut-outs on the case also matched up exactly with charging ports, the camera /flashes and the heart rate monitor.


Cases are a curious thing, while they mightn’t seem all that exciting, they can make for a pretty full-on fashion statement. Many people don’t even know they need one until after their phone is making a costly journey to the repair centre. If you want a good looking case that isn’t a dull phone condom and that has some genuinely useful design tweaks, Logitech’s Protection [+] might just be what the phone doctor ordered.

Tech specs

RRP: $49.90                                
Dimensions:  147.3 (L) x 79.3(W)  x 12.7(D) mm

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