17 Sep 2015
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Hands-on review: Rapoo V100 RGB Gaming Keyboard & Mouse combo

By Sean Mitchell

First things first, the box comes with both the keyboard and mouse bundled together.

Both are corded and have standard USB connectors. The cables I have to mention are wrapped in a super cool braided polyester, so they’re more like a round shoelace than a tech cable.

On the design, both are full of straight edges and funky design. They’re ergonomic and fit your hands really well. On the keyboard its bottom row of keys just above the wrist rest are curved at the bottom, which makes it more approachable and comfortable to use.

The keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys, allowing you to press up to six keys simultaneously without any signal during the game; multiple commands can be typed at any time.

It has both a row of function keys as well as an extra row of special programmable buttons, covering the usual music, screen brightness and other controls.

The keys themselves are high and have a nice punch action when used. Very different to the laptop keys I’m used to that barely even move when typed upon.

The mouse has seven programmable buttons and a really satisfying rubberised scroll wheel. The grips on each side of the mouse are also rubberised.

A key feature of both devices is the awesome backlighting. It's driver controlled from your PC. This makes it a Windows-only set of devices as you can’t change the colours on a Mac. Not only can you adjust the backlit colours individually to one of 16 million options but you can get these lights breathing in time with your game actions.

You can also customise in the drive the precision of the optical tracker on the bottom of the mouse. It can be set as high as 3,000 DPI, although this would be for extreme gaming or professional usage.

I truly love this set; great design, very comfortable, back lighting is just wicked. It also comes with a 24-month warranty and is spill resistant. I can’t think of anything else I want in my gaming keyboard and mouse set.

The Rapoo V100 backlit gaming keyboard and mouse are my new favourites.

The set is available at leading technology retailers and Harvey Norman nationwide, at RRP of $109.

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