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Hello, remember Apple? We're still here

In a week that threatens to be all about Samsung, Apple has hit back, with two new iPhone 5 ads called 'Discover' and 'Brilliant.'

Reacting to the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Cupertino firm wisely launched itself into the public spotlight, showing off key features of it's flagship smartphone to the world.

In terms of sarcasm and downright digs, Samsung need not worry about Apple's ads, as neither try and take a chunk out of it's rival, unlike the South Korean company's previous campaigns.

Apple however, have decided to stay clear of such quarrels, instead focusing on features such as Apple Maps 3D Flyover, Garageband, Yelp, hue light bulbs, Cards and the rest.

Check out the 'Discover' ad below:

While the timing of the adverts is no surprise, given Samsung's big week, for anyone desperate to delve deeper into the rivalry don't bother, sometimes it's wise to focus in-house than peer over the neighbour's fence.

And as covered by Techday last week, there are plenty of things for the Apple fanboys to look forward to, with the iPhone 5S/6 set for release within the coming months.

Not forgetting the 'Brilliant' ad below, is Apple using these two-minute reels as a gentle reminder that hey, it still exists, and boy, it is ready for the fight.

Who will come out on top in the battle of the smartphones this year? Apple or Samsung? Tell us your thoughts below

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