01 Jun 09

Use the following sites to shop around for the best plan, seek advice and even test your connection’s performance.

•    Commerce Commission - The Commerce Commission provides quarterly reports on ISP broadband quality performance and key telecommunications statistics.

•    New Zealand Connections - An informative wiki that lists details of current residential phone and Internet packages in a table format for easy comparison.

•    The National Broadband Map - Details the existing broadband landscape in New Zealand using Google Maps. The National Broadband Map will show you exactly where certain networks are currently available – just select an ISP and locate your neighbourhood.

•    Measurement Lab (M-Lab) - M-Lab provides a set of diagnostic tools that allows you to test your connection speed, diagnose possible inhibitors to your speed and even test whether certain applications are being throttled or blocked.

•    Geekzone forums– Geekzone has dedicated forums for most major Internet service providers in the country, where users discuss the performance of their respective ISPs. Got questions about a particular ISP? You may just find what you’re after in this valuable resource.

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