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Here is the Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 media kit unboxing
Mon, 3rd Sep 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

PlayStation NZ were kind enough to give FutureFiveNZ a media kit for Marvel's Spider-Man PS4. This is our unboxing of it. The media kit for Spider-Man PS4 is pretty neat as it includes an artbook looking at the concept art for the game. It also comes with many postcards and even a faux copy of the Daily Bugle newspaper. Some other reviewer friends of mine got an alternative version of the media kit which came with a blue Spider-Man backpack. The version that was sent to us came in a standard box with a white spider logo on the front of it. The media kit is all we can show off from the game as online reviews aren't allowed to be posted until later this Wednesday. Check back with us later in the week to see our Spider-Man PS4 review. Here's some pictures to look at as well: