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HEXETERA™ - Triangle Puzzle Game
Thu, 9th Dec 2010
FYI, this story is more than a year old

HEXETERA™ is a Must-have Puzzler for everyone! Move, explode and color PRIMARIES, random falling pieces, to make Hexagons, Diagonals and Combos in a Triangular Grid. Watch-out for SECONDARIES. They help or interfere! Earn Power ups by making formations and charge through the levels. It's different. It's challenging! * TUAW's Daily App, The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Dec 6, 2010 * Finding an Audience - Jason Hill, Sydney Morning Herald -SCREENPLAY. Dec 2, 2010. * CNET Australia's Friday App Wrap. Nov 19, 2010 2 GAME MODES Jupiter - 16 Challenge levels Infinity - Enjoy endless play INTUITIVE Instantly-playable by everyone RANDOM Falling pieces completely random on each play GRAPHICS Polished. Futuristic. MUSIC and iPod Original tracks and SFX. All stereo! Option to listen to your iPod music while playing SCORE Jupiter - Points are relative to seconds remaining Top 10 leader board in-game SHARE Post scores to Facebook & Twitter.