Hideo Kojima releases Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch

07 Aug 12

Hideo Kojima has proved he truly is the master of stealth combat today, releasing the Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch without so much as a whisper.

The patch is now live in Europe and North America, and players will be prompted to download it the next time they boot up the game.

With a file size of 516 MB, the patch will add 34 trophies to unlock as well as a full install option which will allow players to shorten the lengthy load times between acts.

Trophies will not unlock retrospectively – in other words, if you have already completed the trophy in a previous play-through, you will still have to start a new game in order for the trophy to pop up.

For those of you who were worried the trophies wouldn’t stick to the game’s classically strange sense of humour, fear not; trophies are available for kissing Ocelot, vomiting and changing camera angles. It’s all very Metal Gear. Check out the full list (excluding story-related trophies)

With this trophy patch Konami and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima are recognising the 25th anniversary of the franchise, which has spawned numerous games, graphic novels and some of the most dedicated fans on the planet.

With this move it looks like Kojima has once again endeared himself to fans as one of the most customer-focused people in the industry. This patch has rebooted the popularity of Guns of the Patriots some four years after its release; no mean feat, by any stretch.

In fact, you could almost say that by releasing such an awesome patch completely free of charge that Hideo Kojima has once again done fans of the series a Solid. (sigh. Someone had to say it, didn’t they?)

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