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Hitman’s second episode is huge!
Tue, 17th May 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Agent 47's episodic new-gen outing gets its second chapter- set in the absolutely huge picturesque Italian town of Sapienza. This beautiful seaside town has a dark secret and Agent 47 has been sent in to sort it out.

Hitman's episodic release was a pretty controversial decision for Square Enix. As the original video game stealth assassin, Agent 47, the veteran series bald-head protagonist, has always enjoyed full-game releases. Whilst drip-feeding fans, may be torturous for some, it does enable players to full explore the episodes' huge environments and spend time, rather than rush through, the missions and challenges.

The first chapter included a couple of training missions as well as the main mission, set in an enormous manor house and grounds. For this second chapter we only get one new location, but it is much, much bigger than all the environments in the previous chapter.


For Agent 47's second actual mission he must infiltrate a secret laboratory beneath the fully accessible and intricately detailed Italian town. His three tasks are to eliminate Silvio Carouso and Francesca DeSantos, the two scientist working on a deadly virus, and to destroy virus itself.

The episode is full of disguises and special objectives allowing players to be very creative in their assassinations. I spent a good two hours going through multiple costume changes as I negotiated Agent 47 though the cobbled alleys of Sapienza, infiltrated the enemy villa, sneaked through underground caverns and explored the town's clifftop ruins.


Whilst Hitman plays itself straight, the game does allow for a bit of dark humour. I challenge you to dispatch one of your targets using a cannon aimed at the villa's putting green.

As with the last one, it's the additional challenges and user-created contracts that give the episode it's longevity. There's unlimited replay value to be had in an environment that's likely the biggest and most diverse Hitman level to date.

Hitman episodes one and two are available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Verdict: 8.5/10