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Hold up: There's an app to test your sperm

Have you ever wanted to see what your sperm get up to? Male reproductive health has been brought to attention by Medical Electronic Systems (MES) with the launch of their YO Home Sperm Test kit and companion app. The test is the first home male fertility kit using a smartphone as a platform with a full mobile app experience.

YO was designed with the state-of-mind of the consumer as a priority. Using basic, step-by-step interactive screens and instructional animations the consumer gets a smooth and informative testing experience without being left in the dark.

So how does it work? A mini-microscope is placed over the camera of the smartphone, then a slide is prepared and inserted into it. The camera records and YO show the user a video of their sperm. The YO app interprets this video and delivers immediate, results which are accurate and easily understood.

Nearly 50% of infertility cases are caused by a ‘male factor’. This includes poor sperm movement, abnormally shaped sperm or a low sperm count. This high percentage doesn’t fit with the attitude that fertility concerns are primarily a female issue.

It can be intimidating or even embarrassing for the average male to take the initiative and go to a doctor to find out about their fertility status. YO provides men with a kit they can use comfortably and privately at home, and allows them the ability to view and measure the number of moving sperm in a sample.

Being able to quickly produce a sample which can then be presented to a doctor without waiting can help to reduce the amount of anxiety a couple may feel about trying to conceive.

Marcia Deutsch, CEO of MES says that they wanted to bring attention to male reproductive health.

"The explosion of apps and wearables dedicated to optimizing the chance of pregnancy is evidence that people crave more awareness of their fertility status,” she says.

“However, the bulk of these new technology tools cater to women. No other company is tackling male reproductive health in this manner. YO is trailblazing a new approach offering consumers valuable and reliable information and bringing clarity to one of life's biggest moments, that of starting a family."

The app doesn’t take itself too seriously either. Users can play the ‘humourous’ Sperm Trivia Challenge game while they on the preparation of their sample. Within minutes of testing,results are reported along with a video of the sperm.

USD$49.95 gets you a YO kit with two fertility tests. The YO home sperm test app is downloaded free of charge to your smartphone.


Below is a video of how YO works from start to finish:


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