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Holy mother of dragons! Kiwis react to Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4

The internet is once again ablaze with reactions from fans of a Song of Ice and Fire after last night’s spectacular episode of GoT. 

This episode is easily the best of the season so far and perhaps even the best episode of the show in its entirety.

Before you read any further beware, for there lay spoilers ahead.

Key plot-points

This episode was full of basically everything fans love about Game of Thrones, three words sum it up, fire-breathing dragon.

Before we get to the epic 15-minute long closing battle it is important to discuss the rest of the episode because it was phenomenal as well.

The episode opens on a scene with Jamie and Bronn talking about all the spoils they won from Highgarden, Bronn reminds Jamie that he still owes him a castle.

Any scene with Bronn and Jamie is excellent and this one is no different with Bronn’s crass nature remaining strangely endearing.

Viewers then travel to King's Landing where the Iron Bank declare their support for Cersei, once she pays her debt she plans on hiring the Golden Company mercenaries to bolster her army.

The Golden Company plays a much larger role in the books, however, I think in the show they are simply a bit of fan service for book readers.

After this scene we see Arya finally returning to Winterfell, reuniting with Sansa and Bran. 

Littlefinger tries to scheme and get into Bran’s good books but fails as Bran reveals to Littlefinger that he knows all about his role in Ned’s death.

The way this is revealed is through a clever line from Bran, as Littlefinger mentions the chaos in Winterfell, Bran says, “Chaos is a ladder”, Littlefinger’s famous line. 

Another excellent scene is when Arya and Brienne spar, in this scene we see just how much Arya actually learned while she was in Braavos.

She not only keeps up with the much larger Brienne but at some points look like she could win in a real fight. 

The Dragonstone scenes in this episode really set up the relationship between Jon and Danny, there is a clear chemistry between the two characters, and while Danny is still adamant that Jon kneels both characters are clearly attracted to the other. 

Davos mentions this when he asks Jon what he thinks of Danny, Jon replies with, “she has a good heart”, to which Davos drops another hilarious one-liner, “yes, I’ve seen you staring at her good heart.” 

All this is before Tyrion informs Danny that his plan has failed, rightly angry Danny hops on Drogon and now we get the biggest battle we have had up to this point. 

Describing the battle between the Dothraki and the Lannisters is nearly impossible due to the scale, but here are the key points from it.

Danny burns the Lannister army to ashes, Drogon gets hit with a Scorpion bolt but he quickly recovers and Jamie tries to kill Danny but nearly gets toasted by Drogon, luckily Bronn saves him just in time.

We leave the episode with Jamie and Bronn sinking to the bottom of the river with their fates left up in the air. 

Needless to say, there were some massive reactions.

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 You can watch the making of the episode here