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Home Smart Home revolutionising home design

A house that can redesign itself for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a cocktail evening or a casual movie night, might sound like stuff of sci-fi movies, but it’s become a reality.

Samsung Electronics New Zealand has revealed their Home Smart Home project. This project makes home design utterly fluid, as you can change the space depending on your needs.

One night you could have some friends over for a dinner party and the next you could simply want to chill out and have a lazy afternoon - and Home Smart Home can adapt to suit your occasion. With module technology the walls, windows, floors and fittings can be completely rearranged.

“Our lives are constantly changing, and at Samsung we believe that clever design can make life that little bit easier,”said Mike Cornwell, Marketing Director for Samsung Electronics New Zealand. “This project is a culmination of efforts from New Zealand’s top architects, engineers and designers to champion that philosophy.”

You can visit the Home Smart Home in Auckland at the Wynyard Quarter adjacent to the Viaduct Events Centre and witness the flexibility and clever design first hand. Various events will be held to showcase the house in action. From October 4th to October 21st a variety of events will be hosted and you can register to attend for free here.

Not only will Home Smart Home be on display, but Samsung's new range of innovative appliances will be in the spotlight. The sleek Crystal Blue Washing Machine WW9000 can be remotely controlled with a smartphone, the Sparkling Water Refrigerator has both still and sparkling water and the WaterWall dishwasher shakes up the technology of dishwashers that has been used for the past 40 years.