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How to achieve premature social ejection…

Designed to help you get out of awkward situations, new iOS app Tickle looks set to become the world's greatest social getaway tool.

Using your phone's accelerometer, Tickle will generate a phantom phone call when you touch your phone in an awkward manner.

A new app that uses your phone's accelerometer to detect subtle motions, Tickle subsequently helps you graciously escape awkward moments by calling your phone.

“Tickle was born at an awkward dinner,” says Alex Cornell, cofounder, Tickle. “You know the one, where someone decided to invite 24 people and it came time to pay the bill.

“Rather than take another trip to the bathroom, we invented an app that lets you realistically escape any and all awkward situations you encounter.”

Cornell says the app has no functional UI and is either ON or OFF meaning once you download it, the app will always been "listening" for an awkward gesture or motion from you.

Once you do this, Tickle will call your phone (using a name of your choosing) which gives you the perfect excuse to repair elsewhere. Faking the conversation is up to you, of course.

Key features include:


Tickle needs no UI. It's always on -- always ready to help you escape an awkward encounter. It's the simplest app you'll ever install.


Tickle can accurately sense awkward motions or gestures of your device. After a brief calibration, Tickle is ready to call you when prompted.


Over time, Tickle learns to predict when and around who, awkward situations are most likely to arise. It adjusts to fit your needs.

Made in San Francisco, Tickle was cofounded by Alex Cornell and Phil Mills. Currently in private beta, to join the waiting list click here

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