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How to avoid Facebook faux-pas

A beta trial of a Facebook-specific security app has found that nearly 25% of those testing the software have received malicious content from a Facebook friend.

Launching the full version of its Safego security application, publisher BitDefender has said that since the beta version’s release in October last year nearly 340,000 infected Facebook objects have been detected worldwide.

Catalin Cosoi, head of BitDefender’s online threats lab, says the negative consequences of these objects range from irritating scam emails to potentially harmful identity theft.

"These findings strongly suggest that more caution should be exercised when using social networks, for our own sake as well as for our Facebook friends,” Cosoi says.

"Assuming that friends won’t post malicious content is not enough, as in many cases they may be doing so without realising that the application posting on their behalf is of a malicious nature.”

Go here for more information on BitDefender's Safego app.

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