31 Mar 2011
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HP attacks Apple's channel approach

Stephen DeWitt, senior vice president of HP's Americas Solution Partners Organisation says that the firm is planning to make major investments in training partners specifically to add WebOS development and mobility practices to their portfolio. 

"Apple's relationship with partners is transactional, completely," he told CRN. "Apple doesn't have an inclusive philosophy of partner capabilities, and that's just absurd."

The article quotes an unnamed solution partner that works with both HP and Apple, but says that it can feel like Apple is holding them hostage. 

"Unlike Apple, HP is very channel friendly. And if you have an issue with HP you can pick up the phone and talk to someone. That's something that's impossible with Apple. As an Apple partner, I can say that it really feels like they're holding you hostage sometimes," said the source.

DeWitt added that the investments HP is making into partner programme should see more partners getting on board over the course of the coming year.

"This will bring new partners to us because we are getting into the application space, which involves muscles that we haven't exercised in some time," he said. "This is new business for our partners, and its new business for HP, and we're going to learn where we need to invest."

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