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HP launches the biggest AI PC range - hybrid workspaces to be reinvented
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

HP has launched the industry's most extensive portfolio of Artificial Intelligence (AI) PCs to improve productivity, stimulate creativity, and optimise user experiences in hybrid workspaces. These advancements come amid a global work landscape where employees continue to grapple with digital fatigue and feelings of disconnection.

HP's 2023 Work Relationship Index exposes that a mere 27% of global knowledge workers and 22% in Australia maintain a healthy relationship with their work. Most employees envision AI opening up new avenues for work enjoyment and job simplification, provided they are equipped with the necessary AI tools and technologies.

To cater to this growing demand, HP is launching the largest collection of AI PCs in the industry, including the new HP Elite PCs and Z by HP mobile workstations. These products are designed to unlock new dimensions of productivity and creativity.

Among the key attributes of HP's broad AI PC portfolio are the HP Elite PCs, lauded as the world's most advanced business laptops facilitating collaboration. Aside from this, the newly announced AI Creation Center, a comprehensive workstation solution for AI development, is set to enable data scientists to tap into AI creation.

HP is also expanding the industry's largest collection of authorised conferencing room solutions and headsets through the introduction of new Poly Studio solutions. These solutions aim to enhance collaboration further, making work interactions more meaningful.

Among the range presented is the world's first set of business PCs powered by the HP Endpoint Security Controller (ESC), offering firmware protection against quantum computer hacks. The ESC chip is intended to future-proof sensitive data.

The new suite of devices introduced by HP is specifically designed to address the challenges of the modern workforce. The AI PCs seek to serve the growing demographic of leaders, knowledge workers, and creators, featuring Copilot in Windows and Z by HP mobile workstations to ensure high-performance computing solutions that can power the most demanding workflows.

HP's AI Creation Center and, by extension, the AI Studio are set to augment data science capabilities. The AI Studio is co-engineered with NVIDIA NGC libraries, allowing data scientists to leverage AI creation. The integration of NVIDIA's data and pre-trained models into HP's AI Studio grants customers easy access to workflows from any location.

HP's new Poly Studio solutions aim to transform meeting spaces, providing a more meaningful connection. The Poly Studio E360 Center-of-Table Camera and Poly Studio E60 Camera are designed to enable best-in-class video quality and coverage. The Poly Studio V52 Premium Video Bar enhances meeting experiences by eliminating distractions common in conference rooms.

HP is also introducing new monitors and peripherals to deliver a seamless and comfortable user experience, boosting productivity wherever work is conducted. HP's new Series 7 Pro Monitors are designed for creators seeking to personalise their work style. Furthermore, the HP 965 Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and HP 685 Comfort Dual-Mode Keyboard and Mouse have been devised to offer an improved typing and command experience.