FutureFive NZ - You hear that, Apple and Samsung? That's Huawei coming for you


You hear that, Apple and Samsung? That's Huawei coming for you

Huawei is making moves. The technology company known for their smartphones have a mission of becoming the go-to choice for smartphones worldwide, and claim to be closer to their goal after releasing their 2016 business results.

Data from the 2016 financial year shows some solid growth for Huawei, across multiple areas.

The smartphone industry is said to be slowing down, which is no surprise considering every new smartphone that comes out is more or less the same, unoriginal glass slab. In spite of this, Huawei maintained steady growth and an increase of 42% in sales, with a juicy 38.5 billion in revenue.

Huawei shipped 139 million smartphone units, with more than 12 million of those being their Huawei P9 and P9 Plus range. This was their first flagship phone to exceed 10 million units.

Global smartphone market share further increased to 11.3 per cent, as they chase the heavyweights, Samsung and Apple. Samsung and Apple.

Huawei’s “innovative and fashion-conscious” smartphones are becoming more popular with millennial users, according to their Facebook user data analysis.Tthe percentage of young users aged 18 -34 increased more than 20% at the release of the Huawei P9.

Following the successful launch of their new P10 range, Huawei will look to continue their innovation to chase the goal of becoming the first name in smartphones. It seems pretty ambitious to me, but then again that’s probably why I don’t run a billion dollar company. Let’s see if they can get within reach of Apple and Samsung.

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