FutureFive NZ - Huge report confirms the obvious: Millennials take lots of photos


Huge report confirms the obvious: Millennials take lots of photos

Futuresource Consulting has announced the publication of the Consumer Photo Sharing Report. The consumer study carried out in multiple countries investigated the way consumers take, share and print photos. Spoiler alert: Millennials take heaps of photos.

It should come as no surprise that the social media era is responsible for the massive boom in digital photography; Not only the taking of photos, but the sharing and spreading of them as well. Photos have so many different purposes now, with one of the primary ones being communication.

"People wonder why their daughter is taking 10,000 photos a day," says Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap

"What they don't realise is that she isn't preserving images, she's talking."

This is true, right? How many snapchat conversations have you had where you would take photos of what’s immediately in front of you, not for the sake of photography but purely to tell someone what you’re up to, or to respond to someone’s selfie.

I know that most of the snapchats I send are blurry captures of my feet, my keyboard, or the office. That’s because I’m not interested in taking a selfie or setting up a nice shot just to say “Lmao” to my friend who sent me a snap of his flat tyre.

Adam Cox, senior analyst at Futuresource Consulting commented on the social media impact on taking and sharing photos.

"Social media has had a huge impact on image capture and sharing activity. Established brands, such as Facebook and WhatsApp continue to stand out as the leading sharing platforms,” he says.

“However, newer platforms such as Snapchat are making an impact, particularly amongst millennials. In some countries, Snapchat is being used by a similar number of consumers as Twitter, Google and Instagram."

According to the report, there is a clear difference in how different age groups capture and share images. More millennials than any other age group had intentions to buy photo products, whether that be cameras, phones, tablets, or even photo editing software. Gotta photoshop those Instagram pics to keep your followers!

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