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HyperX launches new tools to enhance gaming content creation experience
Mon, 23rd Oct 2023

HyperX, the gaming peripherals division of the tech company HP, has recently announced its introduction of innovative products aimed at enhancing content development for gaming creators and streamers. Previously known for its cutting-edge tools and exceptional performance levels, HyperX expands their portfolio to include the new Vision S Webcam, and the Audio Mixer audio interface.

The Vision S Webcam, is set to be released in Australia on 23rd October, priced at AUD $359 and launched in New Zealand on 16th October at a retail price of NZD $469. Alongside the webcam, HyperX presents the Audio Mixer and the Caster, an industry-first mount for microphones and cameras, soon to be available at local retailers.

"We are excited to expand our portfolio of products and provide a more complete creator solution," said HyperX. "The Vision S Webcam offers superb video quality and user-friendly features, and the Audio Mixer Audio Interface provides content creators with professional-grade sound."

In addition to being applicable to gaming, the company's peripheral devices and PCs, in partnership with OMEN PC products, provide the solutions necessary to create, develop, edit, and produce high-quality streaming content. The Vision S Webcam is designed for use in low light conditions, delivering high-quality video that is guaranteed to engage audiences. Moreover, the Audio Mixer Audio Interface boasts an assortment of mixing features for both professional and emerging gaming streamers.

The HyperX Vision S Webcam promises to deliver an enhanced streaming and content creation experience, offering exceptional video quality packed with user-friendly features. The webcam is fitted with a Sony's 8MP sensor, capable of capturing videos up to a 4K resolution. Its ability to ensure professional-quality videos with sharp focus, even during movement, and yield vivid and vibrant colours in low light conditions affirms its superior capabilities as a content creation tool. Compatible with PC and Mac, the Vision S Webcam includes a magnetic privacy cover to safeguard against unwanted exposure and keep the lens clean.

For the audio enthusiasts, the HyperX Audio Mixer Audio Interface is an all-in-one compact solution that empowers content creators to achieve the perfect mix for mic, game audio, voice chat, and output volumes. The audio mixer guarantees clear studio-quality audio with user-friendly controls, providing creators with a seamless plug and play connection, requiring no software to use.

In addition to these, HyperX also unveiled the industry's first toolless, spring-loaded arm, the HyperX Caster for microphones and webcams. The Caster is sleek, versatile and is designed to complement virtually any streaming setup. Constructed from durable aluminium for long-lasting stability, the Caster is an ideal solution for creators seeking to enhance their set-up.