FutureFive NZ - iFruit costs $1,700 in classic Apple con

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iFruit costs $1,700 in classic Apple con

The Apple season may have passed, but one keen Australian paid a whopping $1,700 for a few pieces of fruit.

Or was she expecting a few new iPhones?

Labelled as a 'classic con' by Australian police, a 21-year-old Queenslander fell victim to the cruel bluff when seeking to buy a couple of new smartphones.

After seemingly finding a seller on trading website Gumtree, the woman stumped up the A$1,500 required for two iPhones. Or so she thought.

Arranging to hand over the goods at midnight at a McDonald's in Brisbane, the woman was then left high and dry after passing over the cash.

"She was handed two iPhone boxes that looked new," Australian police said. "She did not check inside."

Right, two glaring mistakes already wouldn't you agree? Anybody who arranges a meeting at midnight should instantly arouse suspicion, and for somebody not to check the goods beforehand is quite simply ridiculous.

When the woman got home, unsurprisingly the police said the boxes "had apples in them - real apples."

It doesn't look like a classic con, it is a classic con.

And while sympathy must go out to the poor woman now $1,700 down with only a few Granny Smiths to show for it, let this be a lesson to all that some people in this world are, shock horror, dishonest.

Watch out BlackBerry, you could be next...

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