01 Mar 10

Viewing Clips
Most watch clips via, but there’s a better way. Enhance your viewing experience by going to This address removes the comments section, info box and user information and provides (arguably) a more aesthetically pleasing black background.

YouTube on TV
Of course you don’t need to be bound by your computer monitor either - watching YouTube clips on your TV is easy. You can also watch through your Wii, Playstation and via Tivo, for the ultimate home theatre convenience:

YouTube on your mobile
It’s also possible to watch YouTube on your phone. It’s easy to do (just surf in to via your Web- and video-capable phone). Bear in mind, however that streaming video uses a lot of data, so you might like to check prices with your mobile provider first:

Send clips from your phone
Many people use their mobile phone as their video recorder these days. YouTube makes sharing easy by allowing you to upload directly from your phone. Here’s how:

Downloading Clips
Of course you don’t have to log on every time you want to watch your favourite clip. Go to and follow the simple instructions on screen. will automatically convert streaming YouTube clips into MP4 or FLV format for you to download. Easy.

Adding a video to your Web site
If you’ve got a Web site and have found the perfect clip to complement it, instead of just providing a link, try embedding it on your site. There are lots of options for this process, some easy, others a little more involved. Check out what you can do at

New stuff
TestTube ( is YouTube’s very own ideas incubator. See what the engineers are doing, try new functions out for yourself and then leave comments and suggestions. Right now you can try out various captioning functions, comments searching and a full screen browsing option, to name a few.

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