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Improvements made to Facebook Pages, Photo Viewer

Facebook is rolling out a number of changes to Pages, which many businesses and organisations use to interact with users of the social network.

Among the changes are new options to control how much information a business or organisation sends you.

Facebook also plans to further develop more features and improvements for Pages over the course of the coming months.

Here are the three main areas that have been tweaked to start with:

Better Communication

Many people have asked for better ways to keep up with activity on their Page. We are introducing a set of features to help manage your Page communication. Starting today, you can navigate and interact with other areas of Facebook as your Page. This means you can choose to receive notifications about fan activity, Like and comment on other Pages as your Page, and get your own News Feed where you can engage with the latest and most important news from other Pages you like.

More Opportunities for Expression

We are introducing new opportunities for Pages to share. We recently launched a new Profile design, to give users more ways to tell their stories with people they care about. Now, Pages  will benefit from many of the same enhancements. Starting today, you can feature photos of your Page’s most recent experiences at the top of your Page. You can highlight other Pages you are connected with as well as the people who are managing your Page. 

Improve Relevancy

Finally, we are very excited to announce some new features to make your Page even more engaging for users. The “Everyone” filter on the Wall provides a new way for people to see the most interesting posts first. We’ve also created a place for people to discover the friends and interests they have common with your Page.

Update: Facebook is also rolling out a new Photo Viewer that will let you browse more photos faster without
having to lose your place in Facebook.

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