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Increase parent engagement by sharing access to class work
Thu, 27th Apr 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

OneNote Class Notebook brought teachers the ability to have their content, feedback and class work all in one place. Now the latest update brings the parent or guardian into the picture.

Teachers can now invite students' guardians to view read-only versions of the course content and their child's student work.

By generating read-only links to be sent to caregivers, teachers can show student work and how they've been going. This will encourage parents to get involved as well as improving parent-teacher relationships, meaning any interviews and meetings can be informed and concise.

This improvement came about in response to parent feedback expressing interest in being more involved in their children's progress and learning.

This joins the comprehensive package the original Class Notebook offered, that included:

  • Content Library to collate and organise course plans.
  • Student Notebooks where student work is recorded and viewed by the teacher, and now parents.
  • Collaboration space where students and teachers work together on exercises, offering feedback and solutions.

Other improvements in the latest update include the ability to generate links for parents through compatible LMS and SIS systems. More flexibility in the Collaboration Space, allowing for different groups and privacy settings, and a more robust deletion system for removing permissions or work.