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inFamous 2

WHAT IS IT? Sucker Punch’s sequel to the popular, super-powered, open-world action game for the PlayStation 3. It follows on from the original story that was the first inFamous, with the protagonist, Cole McGrath, continuing his growth as a superhero (or antihero) in a brand-new city inspired by New Orleans.
WHY SHOULD WE CARE? inFamous is considered one of the best games on the PS3, and inFamous 2 already shows every sign of vast improvement. The open-world aspect of the game will be more immersive, with the city and its population reacting more realistically to your power usage. Cole’s powers and melee style have also been fine-tuned, integrating a new set of ice element powers. Sucker Punch is also drawing from its experience in developing the first game to pull more performance from the PS3, and to intensify the quality of the in-game cinematics. inFamous 2 should be on the radar of PlayStation 3 owners everywhere, not to mention fans of open-world action games.

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