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Instagram loves New Zealand: Our most Instragrammed spots in 2016

12 Dec 2016

Instagram is everyone’s favourite when it comes to sharing perfectly filtered treasures, whether it’s a photo of your food, your deconstructed coffee, a festival or your cat.

Sharing pics of wonderfully beautiful hotspots is also a favourite Instagram activity, and we’ve tracked down New Zealand’s most Instagrammed spots this year.

“The top 10 list this year is fantastic – there are lakes, beaches, cities, glaciers, and movie sets,” says Andrew Fraser, director of Marketing Tourism New Zealand. 

Fraser says the list is a great reflection of the range of experiences we have on offer in New Zealand.

“The photography skills of visitors and New Zealanders on Instagram are quite remarkable – although they do have some pretty good landscapes to work with,” he jests.

 “We’ve seen the continual growth of the Instagram platform mirrored in our activity: more and more people are sharing to #NZMustDo on Instagram, and our @purenewzealand account has grown 159% in the last 12 months alone,” says Fraser.

“It shows that both visitors and New Zealanders alike are sharing a lot on Instagram and this is really important in showcasing New Zealand to the world.”

Most Used Hashtags in New Zealand

1. #newzealand

2. #nz

3. #love

4. #auckland

5. #travel

6. #nature

7. #instagood

8. #beautiful

9. #fitness

10. #wellington

Check out our gallery below for the top ten most Instagrammed locations in New Zealand for 2016. 

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