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Interactive DVD Games

DVD games are a pretty appealing notion to those looking for something fun, interactive, and engaging for their kids. Atari have recently released a series of them, including The Madagascar Animal Trivia Game and the 2006 FIFA World Cup Quiz. The Madagascar game, based around the hit animated comedy from Dreamworks has over 1600 DVD questions and is ‘…a spectacular look into the lives of real animals’.It also uses Dynamic Levelling software that lets the whole family play on an equal footing – automatically adjusting the difficulty based around your age. In other words, you may be playing with your 8 year old daughter – who will be pitched at ‘Scout Level’, whilst your teenage son gets to answer questions at ‘Explorer Level’. The older generation of the house-hold gets the full on ‘Navigator Level’ so the points are all competitive. The game works for up to four players, with each person using the DVD remote to select their answers before passing it to the next player. We worked out (by playing a few games with differing numbers of participants) that the game takes about 15 minutes per person to complete. So for four people, it takes an hour - but there are ‘Time Limit’ options too. The same applies for the 2006 FIFA World Cup quiz – except this time the questions are completely soccer based and will be a hit for fans of the game. In both games, the questions are multichoice orientated but rely on both sound and video media to really test your skills. There are also the traditional ‘True or False’ questions and a “board game / throw of the dice” aspect to keep you on your toes!

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