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Introducing Cinera, the clunky VR-cinema of the future

The Cinera is a VR headset on Kickstarter geared toward creating a home based cinema experience.

This ridiculous headset promises an immersive experience of IMAX and theater-grade sound from the comfort of a user’s couch.

Imagine standing in the centre of your favourite film, the action happening all around you, the sound flying past your ears, this is what the Cinera promises. 

The Cinera promises to be compatible with VR gaming experiences as well, meaning users can watch it all, play it all, hear it all.

On their Kickstarter page Cinera says, “Instead of asking how we can make your home cinema more like a movie theatre, we asked how we could make your home movie-watching, show-streaming and video-gaming experiences better.

“With ground-breaking dual 2.5K displays, CINERA is a pioneer in the headset industry.”

“You’ll enjoy all your favourite media at a resolution eight times better than that of an iPhone 7+ and at three times the size of a movie theatre screen.” 

The device also promises an unparalleled 3D experience. 

To give the illusion of 3D, most movie theatres project two distinct images onto the same screen through polarizing filters.

The big, plastic glasses filter out the images so one eye sees only one version.

The device’s dual-screen architecture promises to eliminate this problem entirely.

Its native stereoscopic display system means each of your eyes has its own individual display panel and light path, there is no filter and no loss of quality.

The Cinera team also believe they have found the perfect combination of clear images and the feeling of immersion.

“A lot of the reason why movie theatres provide such an enthralling experience is because you feel immersed in the film.” 

“Typically this is done by making a physically larger screen, however, bigger doesn’t always mean better.” 

“After extensive testing, we believe we have found the perfect combination of clear image and the feeling of immersion, 66 degrees.” 

The device also comes with a ridiculous looking hands-free arm, which holds the Cinera in front of your face.

As ridiculous as this product is it has already surpassed its required US$50,000 backing on Kickstarter, sitting pretty at US$86,500.

This means that this product may actually go into development. 

It is a bit late to the VR party, so only time will tell if it can compete. 

Despite all this, there is still something strangely alluring about this weird-looking device.

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