FutureFive NZ - Introducing the Logitech G413 mechanical keyboard

Introducing the Logitech G413 mechanical keyboard

Gamers: Logitech has announced through their Logitech G brand their newest mechanical keyboard, the Logitech® G413. They’ve incorporated a range of new features for improved performance, and it comes in a couple of nice looking colours.

Logitech wanted the G413 to provide a smooth blend of precision and performance, and have included some features to get the job done. The G413 features Logitech’s unique Romer-G mechanical switches, which apparently provide 25% better response times than standard mechanical keys, as well as a dedicated USB passthrough.

As for how it looks, the G413 has a brushed aluminium-magnesium alloy finish. It also comes in two versions. The Logitech G413 Carbon features elemental red backlighting and the Logitech G413 Silver which has white backlighting.

VP of Logitech G Ujesh Desai believes the result of development is a keyboard that looks great and performs at a high level.

“We spent a lot of time carefully designing and engineering this keyboard to deliver advanced performance with just the right feature set, at the right price point,” he says.

“We created this keyboard with features like USB passthrough, backlit keys and a metal finish. With the G413 we believe we’ve achieved the perfect balance of high performance features and attractive design.”

The most important feature on the G413 are ogitech’s Romer-G mechanical switches. They’re “purpose-built for pro-grade performance, responsiveness and durability.” The Romer-G switches register key presses up to 25% faster than standard switches on most mechanical keyboards, so you should always be one step ahead of your opponent. No excuses when you die in game now.

The Logitech G413 is expected to be fully available at major retailers in the country starting in May. Each model will cost $149.95.


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