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Inventor of the web heads to Wellington

InternetNZ have announced the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, will visit Wellington to deliver a public lecture exploring the benefits of an open internet.

Hosted by InternetNZ as part of Berner-Lee’s ‘TBL Down Under Tour’, the talk will focus on the social, economic and innovation opportunities of the online world.

Through the story of his invention of the World Wide Web, he will explain why the Internet needs openness to deliver these opportunities, bearing the message: the value of the Open Internet and why it matters for New Zealand and the world.

Berners-Lee is a globally-recognised and esteemed member of the Internet community, having invented the World Wide Web while at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory.

InternetNZ Community and Collaboration Lead Ellen Strickland says Berners-Lee’s contribution to the development of the unternet has been far-reaching, describing him as a pivotal figure in sparking the Internet revolution.

“The World Wide Web is a key Internet application and one of the most important inventions in the history of human communications," she says.

"Since its development in 1990 the Web has grown exponentially and is now an inextricable part of most peoples lives,” she says.

“Sir Tim continues to champion the development of the Web, focusing on making data more open and accessible and working to counter threats to the openness of the Internet.

“InternetNZ encourages all those with an interest in the Web and the open Internet to attend this rare public lecture and hear from Berners-Lee in-person.”

Registrations for the public lecture can be made at http://openinternetlecture.eventbrite.co.nz.

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