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iOS App Review: BuzzFeed

Where is the one place you go to read or watch the most randomly put together collection of meaningless crap on the internet? Correct. It’s BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed claims to have all the “news” you want to read and learn about right now, “with the perfect mix of fun stuff and serious reporting”.

But really it’s just the best site on the internet to read user-compiled rubbish with awesome pictures and witty captions.

Like the 25 Most Epic Cat Beards Of All Time. Or The 18 Most Disgusting Facts About The Human Body. As well as the best thing I have ever seen on the internet, ever, here.

Now, instead of waiting until my 9-5 work day to begin so I can start trolling through the website instead of doing my actual job, I can waste my time ALL THE TIME, right on my phone. Yes yes.

So now you can get all your updates about politics and news and boring things like, as well as the more important cute animal pictures, all in the same place.

Customise your own feed so you can avoid the stuff you’re not interested in. The interface is pretty standard. It’s image-centric and has a quick slide-out navigation, making it easy to scroll through feeds and you can jump onto the next topic easy as pie.

Of course you can share your favourite items and stories, and you can also share individual images and videos from within a story. You can also comment on stories too.

If you haven’t jumped on the BuzzFeed bandwagon just yet, don’t worry; you will. Just give in. It’s awesome.

There’s so much crap on there, it’s ridiculous. And now, it’s everywhere. Yes yes

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