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iOS App Review: Faceswap

28 Jun 13

Posting selfies and totally posed photos of yourself on Instagram or Facebook is getting pretty lame these days, so there needs to be a new option available that allows us all to be vain without really being vain.

And the way to do that is by being funny. Faceswap is the perfect app that allows you to do this.

Faceswap automatically and instantly swaps all the faces within a photo.

Whether there are only two of you, or a big group, the app swaps all the faces around so your face is effectively on someone else’s body.

You can make slight adjustments too so it fits perfectly, and the end result is hilarious if not somewhat disturbing.

I did a family photo of my mum and my sister and I when we were kids. Having my mum’s face on her ten year old daughter’s body was awesome.

It just looks odd, but awesome. It’s really awesome when you do it with opposite genders. Swap your parents’ faces around and the end product will be a sweet mix of creepy and side-splitting.

It’s really easy to use, too. You can pick photos from gallery or important them from Facebook, and then share the photos any way you want to; Instagram, Facebook, email etc etc.

Sometimes it will tell you that there is only one face when there are several people in the photo, but that just means you need a better photo. It can get quite addictive.

I think the first time I used it I must have Faceswapped about 20 photos and send them to all my friends.

Now it’s a cool tool to use when you want to make an event photo, or you have some cool snaps you want to share after a good night out or holiday but get sick of the same photos coming up over and over.

Give it a go, I promise you’ll like it.

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