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iOS review: Budget Tracker

The more money I save the more stingy I am with spending money.

Once I’ve saved the amount I was aiming for, I no longer want to buy the thing I was saving for because I don’t want my savings to take the hit.

Once you start, saving becomes an addiction. It starts off slowly and you probably don’t even know that you’re starting to get addicted, but soon enough, you’ll start counting your pennies and doing these small calculations in your mind and find your self splitting a $40 bill with five people because you want to spend as little as possible. God help us.

Good news, savers. There is now an app who can do it all for you. All those small mathematic equations, done.

Are you on track for the week? Done. The month? Done. Have you spent more this week than you should have? It will tell you and you will feel bad. Only got $100 left of the budget, and now it’s your cousin’s birthday and you have to buy her a present? Curse her.

Budget Tracker is a simple and smart way to save money and see what you actually spending your money. Create a budget, enter each spend, and compare your spending habits weekly and monthly. This app has let me know how much money I spend on playing sport and eating food. Oh dear.

You can enter your spends in a variety of categories, like lunch and dinner, the gym, clothing, petrol, etc. It’s really easy to see where your money is going.

The great thing about it is that you can see how much money you have left for the week. So you start being really stingy because you don’t want the app to beat you. You can start getting really anal and crazy. It’s like My Fitness Pal for money.

Of course it would be better if it automatically logged what you spend, instead of having to enter it manually. So it became a cross between budget and your bank balance. That would be ideal.

But it’s kind of fun entering everything in and it also helps you limit your spending, because you start feeling really guilty when you’re entering in all this stuff under “lunch”.

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