FutureFive NZ - iOS Review: I appreciate you, Trademe

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iOS Review: I appreciate you, Trademe

How awesome is Trademe?

I’ve been using Trademe a lot more than usual lately. I constantly trolled through the latest property listings looking for a house in the ridiculous pressure cooker that is Auckland.

Then my car decided to kill itself so I started poking around the used cars listings. Now I’m looking for a dark wooden table to go in the overpriced house I just bought.

So I am constantly glued to the Trademe app on my smartphone, and I am ejoying it more than ever.

I am not even sure when it updated into the glorious being it now is. It looks a lot better, a lot flasher. But looking up houses in Titirangi or New Lynn and then getting a phone call and having to start all over again is no more.  I really appreciate how much it remembers me. I appreciate that I can sort my listings by lowest price (I’m poor now; no judging) without having to swipe through a bunch of windows first.

I love the icons at the bottom of my screen. The Buying icon is extremely useful. My watchlist is right there. How convenient. Then look how quickly I can go to the Search icon, without having to press the back button five stupid times. That's innovative thinking right there. I appreciate that.

The notifications are great when I am keeping an eye on something particular, but because I have quite a few “favourite” searches, I don’t appreciate the little red notification bubble coming up on my screen every time there’s a new listing in the category, only because I am super weird and anal and I can’t stand having those red bubble things and I need to check the notification thing straight away so they go away.

Besides that, I am really appreciating Trademe right now and how much easier it is making my life.

New house, new (piece of crap) car, new Doc Martens, and soon a new dark wood table. Thanks Trademe.

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