iPad 3 in March; iPad 4 in October?

10 Jan 12

A Taiwanese report has fuelled speculation about Apple’s plans for its iPad tablet computer in 2012, suggesting the company will launch not one but two devices, a third-generation model in March, and a fourth-generation model in October.

The DigiTimes report says the iPad 3 will feature a high-resolution Retina Display similar to that on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but offers no more on the iPad 4 than that it will feature ‘killer applications’ and ‘upgraded hardware specifications’.

The iPad 3 claims seem more likely than those about the iPad 4; both previous iPads have been introduced in the Northern Hemisphere’s spring, and the Retina Display is a logical if expensive addition.

Still, the report notes that competitive tablets will probably be coming towards the end of the year, including those running Windows 8, so it may make sense for Apple to break its schedule with the goal of heading these challenges off at the pass.

Can you see Apple producing two new iPads in a year? Post your comments below.

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