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iPad 3G shortages in US stores

22 May 2010

On the cusp of its international iPad release, most Apple retail stores in the US are facing iPad 3G shortages due to high demand and customer satisfaction. 

Apple Insider reports that most Apple retail stores indicate a complete lack of availability for 3G iPads. One analyst report found that 74% of stores are completely sold out of all iPad models while only 26% of stores have wi-fi only iPads in stock. ?

One store said that it receives 15 to 20 3G iPads per day, but reserves them for users who have signed up for the waiting list. The same store said it had a backlog of more than 400 people currently on the waiting list for a 3G iPad. 

This comes after a number of ChangeWave surveys that found both interest and satisfaction with the device continue to increase. 

Of 3,174 consumers surveyed, 7% said they are very likely to buy an iPad and 13% said they are somewhat likely. This is compared to the company’s pre-launch survey in February, in which 4%  of consumers said they were very likely to purchase an iPad and 9% said they were somewhat likely. 

The company also surveyed 153 iPad owners and found that 74% said they were very satisfied with the device and 17% said they were somewhat satisfied. Users who said they were somewhat or very unsatisfied with the device each came in at 1% and 8% of owners said they didn’t know. 

In regards to favorite features, 21% said the screen size and quality were favorite, while 15% liked the ease of use, 12% cited overall weight and size and 10% said portability. 

User dislikes were topped at 12% of users lamenting the lack of Adobe Flash, 9% said they had internet connectivity issues, 7% said there weren’t enough apps and another 7% claimed the device was too heavy.