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iPad apps pricier than those on iPhone

According to leaked screenshots from the iPad app store, it appears that iPad apps are far pricier than their iPhone counterparts. 

Gizmodo received leaked screenshots of the iPad app store, which showed most of the apps priced at $US10, while many of the same iPhone apps were priced under $US4. 

Because the iPad is bigger its apps will likely utilise the larger screen to include more functionality and features, though apps designed for the iPhone will also work on the iPad. Many developers are hoping that people will be willing to pay more for special iPad apps, but it is likely that prices will start to drop over time as they did when iPhone apps were introduced. 

Because the iPad hasn’t been realeased yet, it’s not clear if all of the apps can justify the huge price jump between the two versions, but users will definitely see new features in apps that have been designed for the iPad.  

While some apps will be classified as iPad only, other developers have chosen to make their apps universal so that if a user purchases the app they will have it for both their iPhone and iPad. 

And apps aren’t the only iPad content that seems to have an inflated price, with the Wall Street Journal planning to charge $US17.99 a month for an iPad subscription, even though the paper version of the newspaper costs less per month. 

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