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iPad drives iOS growth in enterprise

14 Nov 12

iPad sales are driving iOS growth across enterprise according to a recent mobile cloud report, uncovering key trends for rival platforms Apple iOS 6 and Google Android.

Findings from mobile device management firm Zenprise claims at 57% of deployed iOS devices in Zencloud, the iPad is driving the growth of the operating system overall.

Initial organisational support of BYOD demands drove mobility initiatives but as CIOs uncovered new ways to leverage mobile devices to increase productivity and revenue, Zenprise says they began to adopt and issue devices for mobile line-of-business and secure content initiatives.

“The data along with conversations we’re having with our customers suggest that mobile line-of-business and secure content initiatives are highly correlated with tablets,” says Amit Pandey, CEO and president of Zenprise.

“iOS 6 will grease the skids for iPad adoption, as the new version’s enterprise features increase Apple’s business readiness.”

Android v iOS

The report also showed Android to dominate Transportation, Healthcare, and Communications Services, as Zenprise analysed data by vertical, finding significant differences in platform adoption in each industry.

But despite continued iOS dominance overall, Zenprise says Android saw a surge of heavy usage across transportation, healthcare, and telecom services.

The largest adopters of iOS includes the education, energy, legal, real estate, and insurance industries.

Zenprise says these findings "support the common belief that Android devices are better suited for field-based use cases because they are generally less expensive, allow more device control options, and are applicable across more hardware platforms."