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iPad virus warning issued

Dangerous malware is being spread through a malicious link asking iPad users to update their iTunes software.

BitDefender says the link is a front for “Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY”, which it calls a malicious piece of code that injects itself into the explorer.exe process whilst opening up a backdoor for unauthorised access to the system.

The email instructs users to download the latest version of iTunes as a first step of an iPad software update.

The attack is said to be an attempt to log the serial numbers and logins of programs installed, including instant messenger and email accounts. Users of the iPad are being urged not to download or save files from sources they do not know.

The following five steps are recommended:

  • Do not download or save files from sources you do not know, even if an email purports to be from the official source.

  • Use only the software vendor’s official website to download software for your iPad.

  • Install and activate a reliable antimalware, firewall solution and spam filter.

  • Enable automatic updates for your antimalware, firewall and spam filter with the latest virus definitions and application/file signatures.

  • Run an anti-malware scan before opening or copying any files to your system, even if the file comes from a trusted source.

In other iPad news, Chinese pirates have released a bootleg version of the iPad, just three weeks after the device went on sale in the US.

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