iPhone 4 New Zealand announcement this week?

19 Jul 10

Update: Apple dropped word into its recent iPhone 4 conference that iPhone 4 would launch in New Zealand on July 30th. We're still waiting for the official line from Vodafone.

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Looks like Vodafone is about ready to announce specific details for the New Zealand launch of iPhone 4.

Vodafone has begun contacting customers regarding the introduction of Micro-SIM cards, which iPhone 4 uses. An email included a short footer that says we can expect more information within a week.

“We will be in contact again next week to give you more info on pricing for the iPhone 4 and when it will be available in New Zealand,” said Vodafone.

We’ve contacted Vodafone for further comment.


Over the weekendApple said it would give away free Bumper cases in response to issues with the phone's reception.

Apple has announced that iPad will be available in New Zealand this Friday (July 23rd).


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