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iPhone 6 - Big screen and solar charging?

Although no details of the iPhone 6 have been confirmed by Apple HQ it has not stopped the rumour mill from turning and speculating around it's supposed specifications.

In order for the iPhone to regain its crown as the ultimate smartphone many are tipping the handset to feature a large 5 inch HD/retina screen to compete with Samsung and HTC's offerings.

Japanese technology publication MacFun believes that the iPhone 6 will have a 5in full HD display, which should go some way towards silencing the laughter of Android users who are already enjoying handsets with larger screens.

All is not rosy in the garden of Apple as Cowen Group suggest the handset will be locked at 4.8 inches.

The screen is also rumoured (or expected) to be a Sharp IXGO display, which ultimately means that Apple can trim a few all important millimteres of thickness by giving the iPhone 6 a thinner and more power efficient screen.

Also a reportedly genuine image of the metal iPhone 6 casing has been posted online.

It is also rumoured to feature solar charging technology as reported by Seeking Alpha's Matt Margolis. He's gathered information and evidence from multiple sources, including Apple's job posting for "thin films engineers" with solar experience and expenditure on sapphire materials and cutting-edge lasers in order to arrive at his conclusion.

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