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iPhone 6... Boxed and ready to go?!

12 Aug 14

Yet another day closer to Apple’s eagerly anticipated smartphone release and yet another ‘leaked’ iPhone 6 image for the public to pine over.

With the official unveiling of the device expected to take place on September 9, the latest pics appear to show the flagship smartphone in its retail packaging.

Seemingly boxed and ready to go, the latest photos in a long run of Apple-related picture reels look to be the most realistic yet, with Techradar claiming to have received the photos “by a beta-tester”.

“A source tells us that these photos were taken by an Apple beta tester, but declined to give more information,” writes Marc Flores of Techrader.

“This is a new source for us, so I'm not saying with 100% confidence that these photos are authentic.

“But after having checked EXIF data, photo manipulation and doing a little background check on our source, there's no reason for us to believe that these are fakes. Again, not 100% on that.”

But as always, only time will tell…