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iPhone 6 signals gadget overload

By Shannon Williams, 30 Sep 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

New versions of popular devices are being released every year, from two iPhone 6 models and numerous tablets to laptops for personal use as well as work laptops and desktop computers, digital reading devices, iPods and now smartwatches. When is enough, enough?

Are people getting frustrated with the amount of separate devices they need to own in order to conduct their every day living? Can they survive with one phone and one laptop, without the need of a separate music device, a tablet, and second computer?

Lugging around all these different devices surely is a massive inconvenience. Imagine carrying around your laptop, iPad and Kindle in your bag, while your mobile phone and iPad sat in your pocket, all day long?

While some would argue that you could rationalise what device you needed for that particular day and leave the others at home, some argue that all these devices have a distinct purpose.

One phone might be for work emails and calls, while the iPhone is for personal use. The laptop is for work as well, and the iPad is spare and for the kids. The iPod is there so I can listen to music while I use my iPhone. And so forth.

People are getting used to owning different devices, and it’s becoming completely normal for people to have more than one cellphone.

Devices need to be simple and easy to use in order to be successful. And it’s equally important for things to be easily accessible on all of our devices, not just one master device.

Do you have at least one of all these main devices? Do you experience gadget overload?


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