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Iran publishes Web site blacklist

08 Jan 10

The Iranian government has posted a list of banned Web sites in its latest crackdown on Internet access.

The list contains sites containing pornographic content, references to prostitution or sexual deviation, and Web sites considered contrary to “the morals of society” or “security and social peace”, reported AFP this morning.

Web sites considered critical of government officials and institutions, religious leaders and sites likely to lead to “crimes” have also been banned. Software which enables surfers to access forbidden sites has also been outlawed.

Laws regarding Internet offences were passed more than a year ago. Those found guilty of accessing the recently blacklisted sites could be subject to prison sentences of several years.

The move follows Iran’s recent step of banning contact with more than 60 international organisations.

In 2006 the government installed a filter system which blocked access to popular western Web sites such as the New York Times,,, Blogger and Facebook.