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Irrational Games announces BioShock Infinite

Ken Levine, the man behind the original BioShock, and his team at Irrational Games have announced a third game in the series at a press event in New York City. BioShock Infinite, however, will take the player out of the submerged depths of Rapture and this time into a floating city by the name of 'Columbia'.

Set in an alternate reality 1912, BioShock Infinite tells the story of Columbia, a floating city held by balloons that flies above the United States of America. Early reports indicate that something goes awry and Columbia vanishes into the clouds, its whereabouts a mystery to those below.

The player assumes the role of Booker DeWitt, who is contacted by a man who claims to know how to find the city. DeWitt is then tasked with rescuing a woman by the name of Elizabeth.

BioShock Infinite is said to share thematic similarities to the original BioShock. The gameplay certainly involves the tried-and-true weapons/super power combination of its predecessors. One new power that has surfaced goes by the name of Murder of Crows. Similar to the swarm of bees plasmid from the previous game, Murder of Crows allows the player to send forth a swarm of angry crows against their opponent.

Another noteworthy feature is the 'Skyline': a sky-train system that allows the player to navigate from one section of Columbia to another.

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