FutureFive NZ - Is Apple bringing Siri to older iPhones?

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Is Apple bringing Siri to older iPhones?

Apple’s new iPhone 4S is due out here on Friday, but one rumour circulating overseas is that its flagship app, the Siri voice assistant, could be due for a release on older versions of the device.

Citing ‘a source close to Apple’, hacking blog Jailbreak Nation says the company is currently testing Siri on devices other than the iPhone 4S. 

"The device specifically mentioned to us was the iPhone 4, but we can most likely assume that other devices are being tested as well,” the blog reads.

Last week two hackers announced they had successfully ported Siri onto an iPhone 4, although they weren’t ready to go public with how they did so. 

A general Siri release would seem a pretty strange move right now, likely to cause far more infuriation among iPhone 4S buyers than it would create happiness among owners of older units. 

However, with Siri seen by many as a serious search contender, it would make sense if down the line Apple wanted to offer it on as many devices as possible. Just probably not before we see the fabled iPhone 5.

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