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Is tech causing Kiwi consumers to stay indoors?

08 May 14

New Zealand consumers are choosing to go out less often for shopping and leisure activities, as they prefer to do these activities in the comfort of their own home, thanks to advances in technology.

New research from IDC New Zealand reveals that 47% of respondents would prefer to do personal shopping online, rather than in a physical store.

The study shows New Zealand consumers are adopting more innovative technologies as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs are all becoming more common household items.

However, the survey also shows that the availability of these devices, as well as improved internet access and changing demands, has caused a shift in how consumers are behaving.

“The survey captures the changing dynamics of New Zealand consumers, both in the home and online,” says Shane Minogue, Senior Telecommunications Analyst, IDC.

“Adoption of innovative devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs continues to grow and this is having an effect on how consumers act in their everyday lives.

“Consumers prefer to interact with their personal devices rather than use traditional means; whether this is catching up with friends, reading the news or watching a movie. Their behaviour is shifting dramatically.”

IDC's ConsumerScape 360º highlights how 37% of NZ respondents would prefer to watch a movie at home rather than watch one at the cinema.

In addition, it shows how an increased number of consumers are now streaming or downloading video from the internet.

“While there have been some improvements to content availability in the last year, the study shows that New Zealand consumers have a strong appetite for online video and if better content was made available, we would see a considerable increase in streaming and downloading of online video,” Minogue adds.

“We have recently seen the introduction of unlimited data broadband offerings by a number of broadband providers and the widespread availability of faster internet (through fibre and VDSL), showing how the barriers to online video adoption are falling.

“These advances, coupled with further improvements in content offerings, will motivate consumers to go online and interact with video.”

The study entitled 'The Evolving Consumer', highlights how New Zealand (and worldwide) consumers continue to adapt to changes in technology, having a considerable effect on their preferences, behaviour and buying patterns.

ConsumerScape 360º surveyed around 1,500 New Zealand homes (over 50,000 households globally) to identify the current use, purchase intentions and brand perceptions across the consumer electronics and IT segments.

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