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Is the writing on the wall for US spying?
Fri, 12th Jul 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

In an act of typical Kim Dotcom defiance, the internet mogul has beamed "United Stasi of America' on to US embassy in Berlin to condemn US surveillance practices.

Bragging “I defaced the US embassy in Berlin with a truth-projection last night. 0wned!" on Twitter, the Megaupload founder beamed the sign on Sunday evening, following through into Monday.

Lighting up the embassy walls, a YouTube video of the act has sparked discussion debating the alleged similarities between former East German secret police and the US NSA authorities.

Projected by German artist Oliver Bienkowski, the 31-year-old told Reuters:

“The Stasi would have dreamt of being able to do what the Americans are doing. The Stasi look like a bunch of boy scouts compared to what the NSA is doing.

"It’s the real deal in terms of a secret service with modern technology at their disposal. It’s far more dangerous.”

Brushing off the act however, an embassy spokesperson told AFP: "Very funny. But anyone making such a comparison knows neither the Stasi nor the United States."

Check out the video below:

Has Dotcom gone too far? Was he right to draw attention to the issue? Tell us your thoughts below