12 Apr 2010
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By Robert Clark

Advanced Note Cards for Speeches and Public Speaking iSpeechCards helps you organize and deliver better presentations and speeches for any kind of event - such as student wedding speeches or business presentations, or something less formal like a 5 minute work presentation. Whether your public speaking engagement is 2 minutes or 2 hours, iSpeechCards can help you do a better job to create, practice and deliver your speech. Note cards, cue cards or index cards - however you call them - iSpeechCards replaces pen and paper with your iPhone or iPod Touch and intuitively tracks the pace of delivery of your speech or presentation. Create a "card set" for each speech or presentation. Assign each card a duration, text and optionally adjust the font. Highlight key points using the bulletted list feature. Easily copy, reorder and delete cards. Or if you use an Outliner surch as Natara Bonsai or OmniOutliner, iSpeechCards is able to import OPML documents via your Google Docs account. You can find an illustrated guide on the iSpeechCards website. When playing back a card set progress indicators make it easy to track progress against both the overall time and each cards duration. At a glance you can see how the speech is progressing. Great for toastmasters or anyone who'll be taking breaks during their presentations. Features Powerful and simple interface Import OPML files via Google Docs Bullet lists · Manage card sets with copy, reorder, delete Pause and resume playback of card sets Easy-to-read animated progress indicators Navigate by swiping or tapping Saves and restores when exiting app Supports portrait and landscape - with an option to lock the display to one orientation Device stays awake during playback Restorable demo card set Unlimited card sets and cards

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