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It takes a teacher to empower students with skills of the future
Thu, 27th Oct 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

In ninth grade, a science teacher named Grady Clay taught me that science is more than what's in our textbooks. He encouraged me to get hands-on through a research project on aerodynamics.

With his guidance, I built a wind tunnel, tested a hypothesis, wrote a paper on the results, and presented to a room of real scientists. Mr. Clay challenged me to be a self-starter and problem solver, which ignited a passion for science and engineering that continues to drive me today.

Everyone has a story about a teacher who changed the course of their lives. We want to support educators in that effort by building tools that help them reach their students and create more time for teaching.

We're excited to share that more than 20 million teachers and students use Google Classroom. From collecting assignments to staying in touch with guardians, teachers all over the world use Classroom to stay organised and save time.

And the number of students using Chromebooks has grown, too - today more than 20 million students worldwide are using Chromebooks to create, collaborate and communicate.

In preparation for World Teachers' Day, we talked to teachers all over the world - new, experienced, tech-savvy and traditional - to hear how they equip students with skills of the future and the role technology plays in their lives.

We heard one theme again and again. To engage their students, teachers create, collaborate, communicate and think critically - and they empower their students to do the same.

Take a look at a few of these powerfully creative teachers inspiring their students in the classroom: