FutureFive NZ - It's official: iPads make people smarter

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It's official: iPads make people smarter

An Auckland school was vilified earlier this year for recommending the iPad 2 as the ‘ideal device’ for students to bring to class. 

Now, research from a University in Texas has backed up the claim, saying the device provides increased access and engagement for students, and provides high levels of satisfaction.

The study, performed by Abilene Christian University’s Connected Mobile facility, is one of the first to investigate the use of mobile devices in education.

In a report released this week, ACU says students who used an iPad to annotate text performed 25% better on questions regarding transfer of information compared with students using pen and paper.

Students using iPads reported a 95% satisfaction rate with the device, citing convenience and the range of features available.

The study also found that mobile devices are also useful as a collaboration tool, with 86% of students reporting improved student-to-student and student-to-teacher collaboration when using mobile devices. 84% of the University’s faculty reported using their devices frequently in class to facilitate enhanced classroom collaboration, and 50% said they used their mobile devices during every class.

"The iPad promotes both efficient use of time and more learning moments,” the study concludes.

Go here to read ACU’s summary.

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