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Jam Sessions Preview - DS

If you ever thought playing an instrument was too difficult to learn, think again. Jam Sessions for the DS gives you a taste of learning how to play the guitar by simulating guitar sounds and chords using your stylus to strum virtual strings.
The game is set up like an in-depth tutorial/simulation game so you need to follow the tutorials (and there are plenty of them to complete). There are separate tutorials to teach you how to ‘hear’ chords and how to strum using your stylus by teaching you through various exercises. You also learn how to play basic chords which is pretty cool.
Although I’ve never played the guitar (the Piano is my instrument of choice) I think that Jam Sessions will be a great game for anyone wanting to learn about music and in particular, how to play the guitar. I don’t think Jam Sessions will ever replace the experience of learning from a teacher but it’s a great start and will probably work well as a fun and entertaining way to introduce your kids to the world of music.

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